Single Parents Travel is an initiative of the Phoenix Family community (, a community for folks who are widowed, divorced or separated. The Single Parents Travel website ( aims to be a meeting place for folks who have been bitten by the travel bug. This is a place for travel enthusiasts to come together and share their experiences, encourage others to take up travel extensively and enjoy getaways with children, in groups.

Why this initiative

At The Phoenix Family, we have seen a huge interest in travel from single parents and children alike. Apart from the recreational aspects, the benefits of travel include bonding with children, me-time, rejuvenation, stress management etc. However, there are hindrances for those interested in travel viz. security, finances, fear of traveling solo to a new place etc. The predominant roadblock is the inertia of taking up travel for first time. Single Parents Travel aims to foster an online community to help folks overcome these roadblocks and share the joys of travel.

What sets us apart

While there is a multitude of travel websites what sets Single Parents Travel apart is that we are a group that focuses on single parents, facilitating travel with children. The Phoenix Family is a strong-knit community of single parents and we are well aware of the problems faced in traveling within groups; additionally, most online travel communities are intended only for grown-ups. We aim to mitigate some of the problems faced by folks who wish to travel with their children. Additionally, members will also have the opportunity to create trips with itineraries in discussion with other members instead of opting for ready-made options.

What’s lined up

We post write ups from single parents on their travel experiences and recommendations on the blog site. We would like to hear from folks who want to share their travel experiences and invite interested individuals to be part of the Facebook group to interact with other members.

Ideas for future

The Single Parents Travel community shall organize regular trips exclusively for single parents with children. We shall support opportunities for members to take up roles as hosts/ organizers to create plans, itineraries, make logistical arrangements as well.

So, join us and we embark on this journey to make traveling with children a joyous experience for single parents and create a community of travel enthusiasts.

“Oh the places you’ll go” <Dr. Seuss>


I am a single parent, I love traveling with my kid(s). How do I participate? Where do I start?

The starting point is to send us a message on our Facebook page ( You can participate at three levels:

Level 1: You can join our larger community ‘The Phoenix Family’ which has carefully screened members and a footprint across several cities in India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi/ NCR. We also have a secret Facebook group. Only approved members have access to the group’s member list as well as communication. We value the privacy of our members and consider confidentiality as a top priority.

Level 2: You can be a contributor to our blog site by writing about your travel experiences. We welcome travelogues, itineraries, Q&As, picture contributions and more! If you choose to keep your identity confidential, we will help you create a new online identity with an avatar and email address.

Level 3:  This is more of a future idea, we will update once we are ready to start this as well. You can help organize or host travels exclusively for single-parent families. We would need personal references for anyone to contribute at this level. And it may take some time to build trust in case references are not readily available.

I have apprehensions about online groups. How can I be assured about traveling with strangers?

Well, trust us when we say majority of the members in our parent community have had this fear but over a period of time these fears have been allayed. Please go through The Phoenix Family Facebook timeline to understand us better. The testimonials posted on the page are from our members. After 3 years in existence we have 80+ members from all over India.

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